Every Winner Has A Coach

Did you ever wonder why every winning athlete from grade school up into the pros has at least one coach? Most professional athletes, like Lebron James have multiple coaches. Some of their coaches work with aspects of the outer (physical) game and some of their coaches work with the inner (mental) game.

Elite athletes like Lebron recognize that the inner game is just as important to their performance as the outer game, and put just as much effort into developing a winning mindset as they do into developing their techniques and their physical fitness. In fact, Lebron calls his positive mindset his “mental fitness.”

Live Life Limitless!

Just like an athletic coach, a life, career or executive coach works with their client to discover and eliminate the unconscious limiting beliefs or emotions that prevent them from winning at the “game” of life. The coach helps the client adopt a positive “winning” mindset. Then the client works with the coach to clarify their goals and action plan, taking into account their unique strengths and opportunities. The coach acts as a sounding board and accountability partner to help the client maintain forward momentum.

The Benefits Of Coaching


All of my coaching clients report increased self-confidence and positivity. As the voice of self-doubt in your head diminishes, you have the confidence to try new things and to improve your performance.


When you stop judging yourself and others, your ability to empathize with others improves. The result is better communication and better relationships at work and at home.


Negative self talk increases stress, and stress is one of the main causes of unhealthy habits. As you learn new ways of decreasing stress in your life, your sleep habits, nutrition and activity naturally improve.

What Is The Value Of Coaching?


Business And Executive Coaching

Business or executive coaching is a standard way for executives or managers to uplevel their leadership abilities, improve performance and make smooth transitions between roles.

Coaching has proven its value in the business world from the level of solo entrepreneurs to enormous corporations like Google and Apple. An independent survey conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers found that 86% of clients made back more than the cost of coaching, 70% improved work performance and 57% reported improved time management.

Career and life coaching

The same survey found even more improvement on a personal level. 80% had more self-confidence, 73% reported better communication skills and better relationships and 67% reported improved work-life balance. 99% were satisfied with the coaching experience and 96% said they would do it again!

So what would it be worth to you to improve your work-life balance, have more confidence and have better relationships at work and at home?


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