What is mental fitness?

Just as physical fitness includes the elements of strength, endurance, flexibility and balance, mental fitness includes the elements of mindfulness, resilience, emotional intelligence and a positive mindset.

Just like physical fitness, mental fitness requires training and practice. Regular practice results in stronger “mental muscles” and the ability to deal with greater challenges.

When you learn to silence your inner judge and all his accomplices, you’re free to live the life of your dreams. Using Positive Intelligence© you can maximize your personal and professional potential, achieve optimal health and fitness, and have healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Take the 6-week Positive Intelligence© mental fitness course in only 15 minutes a day


80% of teams and individuals fail to reach their potential because they consciously or unconsciously sabotage themselves. They get hijacked by 10 saboteurs which are negative thought/emotion patterns like the judge, the controller or the victim




The Positive Intelligence© program is a synthesis of recent discoveries across neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral psychology and performance science


Better mental fitness results in increased resilience and the ability to overcome greater mental and emotional challenges. The net result is greater happiness, higher performance and healthier relationships.


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Good for Leaders, Good for Teams

Emotional intelligence is a critical leadership skill

It has long been known that emotional intelligence (EQ) is more important than cognitive intelligence (IQ) in determining leadership success and team success. Until recently, there has been no systematic way to train leaders in emotional intelligence that has had proven results. Follow-up studies of leaders who have gone through the Positive Intelligence© course demonstrate improvements of more than 80% in the key areas of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

Teams that train together grow together

Only 20% of teams perform up to their potential. The reason is that on 80% of teams, individuals knowingly or unknowingly sabotage their own and the team’s effectiveness. By taking the Positive Intelligence© course together, team members can develop a common language and common platform to support individual and team growth, develop mutual trust and accountability, and resolve conflicts in a healthy way. The net result is improved individual and team performance and well-being.

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