What is mental fitness?

In addition to releasing my newly designed streamlined website at https://gideonstrichmd.com/ ,  I recently began offering mental fitness coaching using the Positive Intelligence© app-based program. This economical six-week program is like a mental fitness boot camp even though it only takes 15 minutes a day.

The results of building your mental fitness include increasing your ability to  deal with mental, emotional and even physical challenges. You can accomplish more with less effort, have healthier relationships, and recover more quickly from setbacks in your life.

The concept of mental fitness is not new. Athletes often call their winning mindset their “mental fitness” as distinguished from their physical fitness. Just as physical fitness has several components including strength, endurance, flexibility and balance, mental fitness also has several components including mindfulness, emotional intelligence, resilience and a positive or “growth” mindset. And, like physical fitness, mental fitness requires training and practice.

What I like about the Positive Intelligence program is that it is structured to build up your “mental muscles” gradually, beginning with the foundation of developing mindfulness using simple 15 second exercises. You then learn to recognize and interrupt 10 different unconscious thought/emotion patterns that are called “saboteurs” because they have the ability to sabotage your plans, your work and your relationships if you let them. The program comes with prerecorded content and an app for your phone to help you stay on track. People go through the program in small peer groups called “pods” because you are five times more likely to finish the program with a peer group then you are by yourself.

As a coach, what I appreciate about the program is that they have already done all the work of developing the materials and the app, so I can focus on coaching the groups and individuals to discover insights and take clearheaded, focused actions toward their goals. Almost everyone can relate to the structure and concepts in the program which gives us a common vocabulary that allows us to communicate and overcome our challenges individually or as a team.

Over the last few years, the program has been used extensively in business and industry in hundreds of organizations and with hundreds of thousands of individuals with amazing results. More than 80% of people who complete the program are more productive, more focused, and happier. To find out more about the program you can go to my website https://gideonstrichmd.com/ . To sign up to have me personally coach you through the program go to https://gideonstrichmd.com/free-saboteur-assessment-call/ .